• Maintenance

Preventive – Curative – Corrective

The maintenance of your electrical installations avoids the risks, to guarantee the safety of the people, to optimize the operation of your equipment and to increase its lifetime. ERE Qualifelec Maintenance

  1. - Preventive and curative maintenance
  2. - Installation audit
  3. - Mechanical and electrical tests
  4. - Dewatering of transformers
  5. - Maintenance on cells and transformers
  6. - Oil analysis and treatment
  7. - Transformer testing
  8. - Isolation tests

Material New or Renovated

Cells Breaking

Cutting the current is an indispensable action to be taken on an electrical circuit in order to ensure the safety of persons and goods in the event of a fault but also...


ERE - Entreprise
Company History
Since 1944 we are at your side. With this experience we offer you a range adapted to your requirements.
1944: Creating Entreprise Redonnaise d'Electricité (ERE) specializing in electrical transformers.
1990: Creating sheet metal workshop.
1999: Creating unit of precast concrete substation.
2011: Expansion of the store spare parts. Today with over 60 years experience we offer a complete range of engineering solutions and essential product for industrial energy supply. To support our customers, our R&D teams develop custom solutions
2016: 3000th manufactured concrete substation.
Why choose us !
- Technology and Expertise to top value
- Solutions at the cutting edge of technology
- Friendly environment products


ERE - Procédure Environnementale
Environmental Procedures
We respect all the standards in the context of environmental protection.


Pursuant to our charter :
- Our accounting is managed electronically
- Our files are archived computer
- Our transactions are make by internet to the extent possible
- We manage our online bank transfers to avoid the paper
- We use vegetable oils for our transformers
- Our cleaning products are made ​​from vegetable oils
- We collect rainwater for cleaning
- We use water cleanable product for wall covering for our Substation
ERE - Green Solution
We are committed as soon as possible, in environmental approach.


ERE - Demande de devis
Your Quote
Whether for new or used equipment, for a rental, a takeover or a breakdown service

Sale New or Refurbished equipment
Specify your selections for an objective quote

Rental Equipment, New or Refurbished
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Buying back equipment
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Maintenance of Equipment
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ERE - Destockage
Destocking and Special Offers
This new or completely refurbished equipment is compatible with the standards of property countries.


Destocking Materials
Every month we put on sale appliances of all types that originate from industries that have changed or renovated their equipment.

- Transformer HTA
- Transformer BTA
- Breakers
- Capacitors
- Cell Breaking in SF6 or Air

These devices are guaranteed 1 year.
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Tel : 02 43 40 47 20 - Dept : 28-37-41-49-61-72-85-86ERE - E-mail
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