Vacuum Technology Capacitor

Alpes technologies’ unique vacuum potting technique ensures that Alpivar capacitors.

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Conception :
Alpivar Capacitor©, meet all user equipments. They are designed by assembling individual single-phase coils, coupled in a delta arrangement to obtain a three-phase unit.
The coils are produced from two films of polypropylene with zinc plating on one side :

– The metal plating forms the electrode
– The polypropylene film forms the insulator

All coils are then coated under vacuum into self-extinguishing thermoset polyurethane resin which forms the casing, providing mechanical and electrical protections.

Alpivar Capacitor©, meet all user equipments.
Modobloc or modular. The modular solution , with its quick, easy assembly, can be used to create units with different power ratings, resulting in a sigificant reduction in storage costs for intergrators and local distributors.

Compact form making it easy to install

– This form reduces thes costs of cabinets and racks.
– The casing is particulary resistant to all solvents and atmospheric agents.
– The Alpivar capacitor is ideal for installations : In corrosive atmospheres – Outdoor use


Protections Electriques :

  • This self-healing property is connected with the characteristics of the metal deposit which forms the electrode and the nature of the insulating support (polypropylene film).
  • This special manufacturing technique prevents breakdown of the capacitor due to electrical overvoltages.
  • In fact overvoltages perforate the dielectric and cause discharges which vaporise the metal near the short circuit, thus instantaneously restoring the electrical insulation.
  • Internal fuse, one per winding.
  • Pressure monitoring devices, if an electrical fault cannot be overcome by the film self-healing or by means of the electric fuse, gas is emitted, causing a membrane to deform and disconnecting the faulty winding.

These three protection devices together with the vacuum coating of the windings (technique patented by ALPES TECHNOLOGIES), result in a very high-tech unit.

Discharge resistors :

• Fitted inside (except by special request), these discharge the unit in accordance with current standards (discharge time, 3 minutes).

Loss factor :

• Alpivar capacitors have a loss factor of less than 0.1 x 10-3.
• This value leads to a power consumption of less than 0.3 W per kVAr, including the discharge resistors.

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Tolerance on the capacitance value : ± 5%.
Max. permissible voltage :
1,18 Un rated
Max. permissible current :
Standard Type : 1,3 In
H Reinforced Type : 1,5 In
Insulation class :
Withstand at 50 Hz 1 min : 6 Kv impulse withstand 1,2/50 μs:25kV

Our manufacturing process, which avoids any inclusion of air in the coils, ensures excellent stability of the capacitance throughout the service life of the Alpivar capacitor.

Standards :

• French : NFC 54 108 et 54 109
• European : EN 60831-1 et 60831-2
• International : CEI 60831-1 et 60831-2
• Canadian : CSA 22-2 N° 190

Temperature class :

• Maximum temperature : 55°C
• Average over : 45°C
• Annual average : 35°C

Alpivar capacitors are designed for a standard temperature class standard -25°C / +55°C.

Capacitor and Capacitor Banks : Type Fixed

Alpibloc is an Alpivar capacitor with built-in circuit breaker. Assembly fitted and wired in an IP 31 – IK 05 box or cabinet. Equipeent supplied ready for connection, for fixed compensation of low and medium power electrical devices.

For certain applications (remote control, etc.) the certain breaker can be replaced by a contactor and HRC fuses.

Conform to EN and IEC 60831-1 and 2 standards

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Standard Type – 400 V-50 Hz – Max 470 V
– Harmonic Pollution: 15% ‹SH/ST
Technical Sheet

H Type – 400V-50 Hz – Max 520 V
– Harmonic Pollution: 15% ‹SH/ST‹25%
Technical Sheet

SAH Type – 400 V-50 Hz
– Capacitor associated with a harmonics self and a circuit breaker
Technical Sheet

Capacitor and Capacitor Banks : Type Automatic

The banks consist of racks :
– Standard and H type for M series
– SAH type for MS series

These are controlled by a power factor controller and integrated in a cabinet. Fully modular design for easy extension and maintenance.

Alpimatic consists of several cabinets depending on the model of capacitor bank and the rated current.
Control of electromechanical contactors is carried out by the power regulator Alptec with a simplified procedure for service.

The range of automatic battery Aplimatic is available in several versions :

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Standard Type
– Harmonic Pollution: SH/ST ≤ 15%
Technical Sheet

H Type
– Harmonic Pollution: 15% ‹ SH/ST ≤ 25%
Technical Sheet

SAH Type
– Harmonic Pollution:
– Standard Class – 25% ‹ SH/ST ≤ 35%
– Reinforced Class – 35% ‹ SH/TS ≤ 50%
– Sur reinforced Class – SH/TS > 50% –
Technical Sheet