ERE - Green Solution
Destruction or reform of obsolete equipment is to protect our environment.
Do not throw your equipment become useless. Contact us.

We will ensure the removal and destruction of PCB transformers and cartridges SF6, in collaboration with accredited business. We can also reform your old appliances.


ERE - Destruction

Destruction Reform

– Immersed transformer.
– Cartridge SF6.
– Etc …

We provide intervention in your local.

We work with companies approved for the destruction of PCB transformers and cartridges SF6.

ERE - Destruction

Transport of sensitive equipment such as a transformer, must be done carefully.
Equipped with a crane truck, we offer a solution “turnkey” for the delivery of your materials (up to 6T at the foot of the truck).

The establishment and maintenance are carried out by us. Transport our substations are made throughout France. Our materials are delivered and set up on-site.

Transport up to 47 T on specialized platform.

– Transformers.
– Substations.
– Power Substation.
– Power Substation HT/BT.

Our responsiveness and permanent stock ensures a rapid response to your premises.

ERE - Transport

Our partner for 16 years now transports our concretes throughout France stations (up to 47 T).

Our products are delivered and installed on site by a provider of trust and quality.