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Electricity is one of the leading causes of failure in enterprise.
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No maintenance of your system exposes you to risks :

  • Paralysis of business and production losses
  • Damage to the equipment
  • Fire
  • EDF network disruption and possible penalties

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Maintenance of your electrical system avoids these risks, ensure safety, to optimize the operation of your equipment and increase its lifespan.

Preventive Maintenance

The provision of high quality services

You benefit from a single contact, familiar with your equipment, which is able to offer you a quick and complete solution. In collaboration with our customers and our installers, we have developed maintenance contracts, who meet the exact needs of your installation.

Excerpts from the Proposed Services

  • Oil Analysis – Sealing tests
  • Oil Treatment – Crossing Replacement
  • Anti Corrosion Painting – Refrigerant
  • Accessories – Auxiliary boxes – Wiring


Maintenance revolves around :

Oil Analysis : used to diagnose the state of the transformer and to formulate a program of interventions.
Oil Treatment : improves the quality of dielectric of the transformer , essential for it’s use.
Moving parts : subjected to mechanical wear should be checked regularly.
The tightness : mineral oil, the prolonged heating may damage the seals and increase the risk of leaks.
Accessories : crossings, bodies protection and cooling elements are accessories that require monitoring.

With a maintenance contract, this is for you, the assurance of monitoring your fleet of transformers, including occasional sealing operations, supply of spare parts and destruction of contaminated oils.