Intervention 24/24 7/7

Maintenance is now fundamental to the protection of your business and your insurance contract.

Maintenance Contract

We intervene to :
Preventive maintenance work (7/7 – 24/24)
Installation or equipment of transformer substations with or without concrete prefabricated substation
Getting Started, Settings and tests…

Component Analysis

In the analysis of the components of a transformer, we comply with the requirements of the IEC – ASTM – EN ISO – IEC standards.

The control and monitoring procedures lead us in particular to check the following basic points :

– Identify a thermal or electrical fault present in the transformer
– Check the role of electric and thermal insulation of the dielectric fluid
– Check the condition of cellulose insulation
– Controlling regulatory compliance

Buy Back Equipment

The Recycling is now fundamental to the protection of our environment.
Do not throw away material that seems outdated or unnecessary.

As part of a purchase or a change in power, we can take back your old equipment.
If you park in your equipment used, it may interest us.

Rental – New or Refurbished Equipment

Renovated Equipment is as reliable as new equipment. All our renovated materials have been tested in our workshops.
When you need to replace your equipment, be aware that by choosing a refurbished device, you get a one-year warranty, just like new equipment.

Destruction Reform Transport

Destruction or reform of obsolete equipment is to protect our environment.
Do not throw your equipment become useless. Contact us.